The Backstory for the Bible Study Journal

Wanted to share some of the backstory of how the Intimate Moments with Jesus Bible Study Journal came to be.

During the season of waiting to deliver this baby, I was this close to giving up!

I thought creating this journal would be a piece of cake. I thought that it would have been completed in March. I mean, it’s “just a journal,” right? Each time I thought I was ready to send it off to print, Gof gave me more to do.

❗️He had me do more research.
❗️He had me interview people about how they spend their quiet time.
❗️He had me go back and add, subtract, tweak, edit, revise. 😩😤

And the thing is, I worked on this at night, into the wee hours of the morning, because that was the time I had available to work on it.

But now that it’s here, I’m so grateful that He pushed me to create something that I know will be a blessing (because I obeyed). I’m so glad God didn’t let me quit. I recognize that He could have easily chosen someone else to create this, if I had quit.

He gave me this vision because He saw that MY quiet time could use some help. But He also showed me that others could benefit from it too...!

Thank you for your purchase. I appreciate you, and I pray it blesses you like it does me.