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Rebirth CD

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Music for your soul

We have been bumpin' your CD all day we LOVE IT!  #5 is my new favorite...the kids want to keep Flip the Page on replay tho, so I can't jam to the rest until they go back to school. "...Your Love goes on and on!!..." ~ J. Vasquez


Searchin' (On and On) is my favorite!  ~ A. Harrington


Listening to "Flip The Page " in my rental car in Rome! But seriously though, it's a great piece of work and I just luv it so much. You know you love something when you're humming it under your breath...And you start to play it continuously in your car.  Love your version of 'Our God...' ~ S. Fagade


I've been wanting to tell you how much I've enjoyed your music. I put it on a playlist of music I find upbeat and inspirational.  I find it helps me get in the headspace for creating everyday.  My favorite right now is Searchin' (On and On). The music is funky and fun and I love the lyrics. I love the work you do and the message you share through your music!  It is inspiring. ~ A. Allen


I praise God for the inspiration...Flip The Page blesses me so much, because that song is my families testimony. We love it Thanks for letting God use you to bless others. ~ Eka A. 


My favorite song is - In the Name of Jesus followed by Wonderful God!!! Oh...and the Flip the Page video was lit!!! ~ Vivian J.


Played your music in our church today. Very very well received!! Luv it luv it!! ~ S. Fagade