Rise From the Shadows: Overcome Your Past, Reclaim Your Voice, Live Your Light
Rise From the Shadows: Overcome Your Past, Reclaim Your Voice, Live Your Light

Rise From the Shadows: Overcome Your Past, Reclaim Your Voice, Live Your Light

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Every day, many of us are living as shadows of our true selves, due to things that happened in our past or things occurring in our present.

Rise From the Shadows is for all of us who have experienced situations in life that have caused us to forget just how relevant we are to humanity. It’s also for those of us who have (knowingly or unknowingly) dimmed our light so that others may feel better about themselves. It’s time to reawaken the champion in you. Rise!



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This book will impact your life. Get it today. You will thank me later. I promise. WOW! Thank you for writing this book! So many people are going to be blessed by this!

This book is amazing. My favorite next to the Bible…I mean that! This is really going to transform lives…Wow!

I couldn’t stop reading…finished it in a few hours! Thank you for sharing your personal stories in there…this is not only going to impact but transform many lives! Very powerful and in alignment with what God put on my heart! You are a beacon of light…!

- Victoria Woller

I hardly write reviews, but this was an exceptionally inspiring and thought provoking read. Reading this book will remind you that you must make the most of our time here on earth, maximize your potentials, shut out the voices that tell you that "you can't do this or be that", discover your purpose and pursue it with everything that lies with you because the world is waiting for your manifestation!!! Totally connected with pain and authenticity of author, while inspiring her readers to reach for the skies without reservation. So if you have ever thought you can't, then READ THIS BOOK. Thank you Mrs Washington!!! Keep up the amazing work. Waiting for the next GREAT book from you.”

- David Adesokan

This book reminds me of talks I would have amongst my authentic relationships! Reminiscent of girl talk and a glass of wine. It is a great recharge for your current and just around the corner seasons of life! The "Selah Moments" give room for you to pause, reflect, and plan for application. Even if you are living your best life, this book gives a pat on the back, if you will. If you want a boost, some encouragement, or help stepping into YOUR rightful position and calling, this book is for you! RISE!!!

- Joy E.

An absolute must read if you think, believe or sense that you are living less than your true self. The exercises compels one to act. Through the use of personal experiences, Emem shares how one’s vulnerabilities can be harnessed into strengths. Indeed, this book shows you how to “PASS” into your true self and God’s purpose.

- Tsema Eyeoyibo

Emem is a great storyteller. This book is easy to read and not cumbersome, just the perfect size for today's busy world.

This book is talking about me. The writer's story is the story of most women. I wish everyone I know can read this, as it has something for everyone.

The resources at the end is a surprise bonus.”


This book is an intimate look into the author's life, yet at the same time, inspirational. Made me feel like I have a coach/counselor motivating me. Is a must read over again for me; is pertinent now and I'm sure will come in handy again and again.”

- RW

This is a book you won't put down. Everything about this book screams self reflection and how to move forward. Love it!” Tosha Dearbone

This is one of the most inspirational books I've read. What a powerful message to all.”


Wow! This book is inspiring! Can’t wait to see what the author writes next!

- Amy

This message was directed at me! Emem shares parts of her own story in a candid and vulnerable way inviting us as readers to journey with her and to be willing to honestly open ourselves up to all we were created to be.

Complete with guided exercises to identify our blocks and hindrances as well as excellent bonus material, there’s no excuse to hide in the shadows any longer!

I’ve read the book . . . Now to go back and dig deep and get real!!

Click “Buy Now”! You’ll be glad you did!!”  

- Kimberley (International review)