The Discover Your Gifts Journal and Workbook

The Discover Your Gifts Journal and Workbook

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Imagine if you could FINALLY figure out your gifts and what you have to offer the world? How fulfilling would your life be if you could USE your gifts and have the impact you want to make? Discover Your Gifts is THE workbook for you!

Discover Your Gifts will guide you step-by-step, as you discover how you are uniquely wirked to add value to this world. Start your journey to uncovering and unwrapping your God-given gifts, so that you can understand and confidently walk in your calling!

Here’s what people are saying:

This workbook is so helpful and eye opening...I’ve discovered some truths about me, so intriguing...You won’t believe that your book opened my eyes to a lot of things and the answers ppl gave me concerning my gifts and talents?’s unbelievable...Now I’m working on the path I think God wants me to go